Spigot Oh The Dungeons You'll Go 4.8

Legendary dungeon spawn plug-in, returning again

  1. No. only for 1.15.2
  2. Legoman99573


    I am glad this plugin is still maintained, but is it possible to post the sourcecode of the plugin by any chance?
  3. I'm *so very happy* to see this return! Can I turn on natural dungeon spawning, only on particular worlds?
    [EDIT] I am impatient; posted this before I checked out the GUI. That's fucking awesome. So if you're wondering, "natural spawn" is indeed configured per world.
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  4. If you haven’t taken a look at EliteMobs, it is pretty good. I wonder if there is anyway to combine OTD and EM well?
  5. My discord account was hijacked but now resumed. If you find out that you are kicked out from the discord, don't worry, just rejoin it.
  6. Only your discord account? That's unusual
  7. No but everything. Spigot has 2FA so it's not influenced
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  8. is there any way to increase the rarity of dungeons? they're great but players are coming across like 5 daily. thanks in advance!
  9. increase the chunk distance in GUI...
  10. Hey, is there any way to have a loot table that I can add to all dungeons in all worlds, as I want to have some fun but rare items that can be found in all dungeons on all worlds and having to go through one by one, with editing the spawn chance and setting the level in the rouge-like, etc. can be really time-consuming!
    If it is possible and I am just an idiot that can't find it then apologies, otherwise if you could add it or make it possible somehow I would be your biggest fan.
    I won't hate you if you can't/don't though.
  11. use /otd_cp in 4.4
  12. Can i make private dungeon for 1.14 ?
  13. [​IMG]

    So that you can't