ok, am I going mad on 1.6.4

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by P3ZZL3, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Have I lost the plot or something.

    My client just upgraded to 1.6.4
    Most servers are still running 1.6.2
    Bukkit not updated to 1.6.4
    See no threads about updating to 1.6.4
    Yet gontroller is running at 1.6.4

    What am I missing here guys? Should I DL the 1.6.2 r1.1 dev build in Bukkit?
  2. Dmck2b

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    ..There isn't a build available for 1.6.4 yet? 1.6.3 was meant to be the definitive until they 'last minute' noticed a serious structure generation bug...
  3. joehot200


    Gontroller probably just made a custom build.
  4. this is fucked up yo i just made a new server and now they give me this bull shit well fuck it fuck all of it
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  5. joehot200


    if your so desperate just change the spigot code :/

    We are not desperate, so we dont.
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  6. How do you change the spigot code?
  7. how do i change it
  8. joehot200


    Im guessing you would change the protocol to 1.6.4 instead of 1.6.2. I believe this would be as easy as changing 1 number in the code, but i am unsure which class the line of code is in, or if its possible with a plugin.
  9. CCT


    I am currently using a modified version of 1.6.2 to allow my 1.6.3/1.6.4 players to connect.
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  10. Care to upload it somewhere?
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  11. Can you also send it to me??? I really need it.
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  12. Anyone got a working 1.6.4 version?
  13. I'm working on one right now. Let's hope for the best.
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  14. Just get it done, we can all hate on Jeb and who ever we want afterwards :D

  15. Could you give some more information on how to modify version 1.6.2 so that 1.6.4 clients can join?
    Would be awesome, I would like to keep 1.6.2
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  16. Thanks but...
    I am using 1107 right now, but only 1.6.4 clients can join, no more 1.6.2 clients.
    I would like them both to join, like I saw on some other servers, where both version clients can join. 1.6.2 AND 1.6.4
  17. So if I use 1107, all my plugins will be still working?
  18. Dmck2b

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    If they don't use NMS, they should.