Old Combat Mechanics

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  1. In line 18 there is a bug in your config, some part of a yaml config comment is there without a leading # which indicates a yaml config comment.
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  2. Code (Text):
      # This is to allow players to block with swords again by getting a shield while they hold right click with a sword
      enabled: true
      worlds: []
      # How much damage should blocking reduce
      # This can either be a number in half-hearts (e.g 2) or a percentage (e.g. 20%)
      # 1.8 default: 50%             1.9 default: 33%
      blockingDamageReduction: 50%
      # Whether shields can block damage entirely
      # In 1.8 blocking could only reduce to 1/2 a heart
      shieldFullBlock: false
    Code (Text):
      # This is to disable player collision
      # This is now compatible with scoreboard and tablist-editing plugins
      enabled: true
      worlds: []
    Have you reported this to the Dev?
    This is on the GitHub Issue section....https://paper.readthedocs.io/en/paper-1.11/features/
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  3. The github links don't help me as I'm not using viaversion or paper spigot? I made a ticket about it on that github, but it was closed for being a duplicate of the one that you linked.
  4. They just updated the resource...No Fix? As far as I could tell you need Paper to fix it.

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