Universal [OLD] KUtils : High level Minecraft plugins 3.3.2

for Spigot & BungeeCord

  1. 2 Things.
    1. Kotlin is already usable on spigot because it's a java wrapper.
    2. Javadocs for this?
  2. 1. No
    2. Search Google
  3. 1. ...yes lmao I use kotlin all the time
    2. Google it meant to have YOUR javadocs for YOUR api/library? Lol wot?
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  4. Pls update the Plugin to the newest (stable) Kotlin Version (1.2.61)
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  5. -------------------
    Thank you :D
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  6. Pls add kotlinx-coroutines
  7. :D Nice you are the best
  8. On Sponge too pls
  9. Sponge support is also updated
  10. I honestly would say this is useless. Sure it can be helpful if you develop all your plugins privately and then use one main plugin as a shade, but in the case of public plugins. Some may use a somewhat oldser version of kotlin shaded, and some may use a later version shaded. What happens if I have two plugins that use yours

    One with kotlin "1.1"
    One with kotlin "1.2"
    Your plugin is latest "1.2"
    The "1.1" plugin breaks because it uses an older version of kotlin and requires that version. In my opinion for public plugins the best idea is to just shade kotlin yourself then relocate it. If you plan to use the same version of kotlin through multiple plugins, relocate it to the same package in all of them so they are shared and only loaded once. I think that's how it works. Anyway this is just my opinion.
  11. That's why I update all my plugins