Old PC good for hosting?

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  1. I was wondering if I could host a server on my old pc

    Here are some specifications:

    Code (Text):

    i5-4590 @ 3.4Ghz
    16GB ddr3, I believe it runs at 2400Mhz
    GeForce GTX 960, which has no purpose so I should be able to just remove it correct?
    I am only worrying about my internet, it runs at 300mbps up & down, so I believe speed should be no problem but I've heard stories of people's ISP not allowing them to home-host servers

    I was also wondering if I would be safe to do this online. Is there some way I could use a VPN for people to connect to? etc.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I would not advice to host your server from home. Indeed, many ISP's dont allow home hosting, only if you a business subscription with them (sometimes). Secondly your home hosted setup will have no DDoS protection so if someone decides to DDoS your server your server will be offline as well as your own internet in your house.

    You could setup a GRE tunnel via a OVH VPS but then why do home hosting in the first place.
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  3. I was just wondering because machines from hosting company with similar specs can cost $30-$40 a month, and I have this pc lying around not being used.

    Would setting up a GTR tunnel be expensive? Or could I buy a cheap OVH machine ($3/month), and then use that?

    Also, how much would it cost for power for the server do you think. I know it's cheaper for hosting companies to get power because they use lots of power
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  5. I was also wondering, could I set up a Bungeecord instance on a cheap VPS and simply redirect it to my server? That would correct my IP correct?
  6. Whoops, meant GRE tunnel :rolleyes:
    It wouldn't be expensive no. You can use the cheapest OVH VPS for it but you would need to know how to do it and it adds a little bit of latency.
    That would also be possible, however not the prettiest solution but it would work technically.
  7. You should be fine hosting a server on that. How many players?

    In the US, electricity costs would run you around $5 per month.

  8. I would also not recommend running a server from home. There is also the connection for the other players in terms to the location that the server is hosted from. (not sure how to word that better....) But if you host it online, the location won't matter as much.
  9. You should be fine running a small Minecraft server on that computer. Performance may not be as good as getting a server for $2-4 however it should still run.