Spigot OldDays 1.4.2

Bring back the old features of Minecraft & disable new!

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  2. xD I love the idea of this plugin! Excellent work.
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  3. kangarko updated OldDays with a new update entry:


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  4. kangarko updated OldDays with a new update entry:


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  5. Niccceee
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  6. jeff142


    Cool stuff may use this :D
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  7. I am trying to allow people to use the shift clicking into chests etc and I am confused how to config the plugin to make it do that same with mob spawning and allow them to open the containers. also I am confused about this
    first-stage: 0.2
    second-stage: 0.3
    third-stage: 0.55
    fourth-stage: 0.75
    what should I set it to so it becomes normal?
    Basically I am trying to only disable armor on mobs and stopping the nether wart in over world for now
    Please any help would be appreciated
  8. Just set all the values to 1.0 and the crops will always be dropped.
  9. What about the mob spawning they are already all disabled I would like to enable them but when I delete them the list regenerates after the reload/restart and the clicking events
  10. kangarko, you've done a great job with this plugin. I'm wondering how to enable the opening of the items that you have disabled in the config (enchantment tables, anvils, etc.) and how to enable the shift clicking and other present day MC inventory features. There is no visible way to enable them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello, thanks :)

    To enable opening disabled items, simply remove the items on list at path "disable-open", like so:
    Code (Text):
    disable-open: []

    To enable new inventory features, do the above to "disable-inventory":
    Code (Text):
      click-types: []
      actions: []
  12. It works perfectly! Thanks for the help :)
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  13. Hey.

    The console seems to have been spamming the following ever since I've installed this plugin:


    I'm not sure if the bottom part is from OldDays, but I think it is and it makes the logs next to useless.
  14. Hello, I am sorry, I accidentally did not remove the debug message. Yes it's from OldDays and it has been removed -> please try the latest version and let me know if any errors occur.

    kangarko updated OldDays with a new update entry:


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  15. Thanks! That was a quick update!
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  16. I have inserted some non-null checks, please test against the latest version.
  17. Got this while dying or breeding sheep I think: http://pastebin.com/SUiqbkhS

    I also noticed that with "instant-bonemeal: true" in the config when I bonemeal a 2x2 of spruce saplings I only get a small spruce tree instead of a giant one. Jungle saplings work as they should though.

    Once again, thanks for the quick replies and fixes. :)