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  1. So, I'm not a neophyte. I've run servers of all sorts before.

    For some reason, I am not able to connect to my server remotely. I'm looking for somebody who might help me see what I'm missing.

    I use duckdns and it is updated correctly. Port 25565 is open and pointed at the correct machine. I can see the port open using other services. The file has online mode=true. There is no firewall where I am. I flushed my client machine's dns cache (I mean, I was really looking for unicorns over here). But for some reason, no matter what, when I attempt to connect remotely, I get nothing.

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  2. Do you mean the server is on your same local PC/Network?
    If so, are you using your public IP?

    If this is the case, you can not do that. Your public IP only works for outsiders. You need to connect using or else 192.168.x etc.
  3. That's not what I mean. I am talking about remote connection. The server is on a different network from the client.

    My DNS service appears to be running correctly, and the port is forwarded correctly. For some reason, today the client just won't connect. It won't even see it. It worked over the weekend.
  4. I question the comments about port forwarding and dns configured... These are not things one would do on a normal remote 'server'

    Is this on a VPS/Server or in a home network?

    Can you provide the DNS name / desired IP?
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  5. Aren't they? What are you talking about? That's pretty standard practice.

    I have a Minecraft server in my office. That server does not have a static IP, so I use duckdns (via with an updater daemon that runs on the server, all of which directs a domain of my choice to whatever my host IP address is. Port forwarding is necessary on a Minecraft server behind a router, specifically opening port 25565 toward the internal IP address of the host.

    I'm not certain what you're talking about, but a DNS service and port forwarding are both standard needs, and the solutions I've implemented are pretty common.
  6. Do you think when I say "remote server" I'm talking about some subscription hosting service? If so, no... that is not what I'm talking about. I am talking about a self-made Minecraft host, in-house, for external play by an small group of invited guests.

    I'm not willing to post the DuckDNS address here. That's an invitation for headaches. I am, however, willing to discuss non-identifying technical particulars about my setup that would be useful in identifying something I may be missing.
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    remote server these days generally implies that you're talking about a box on network that is connected to the internet without any layers of translation, getting a VPS/Dedi is generally much less troublesome than having your own hardware sitting in the corner.

    In general, if it was working, check that your port forward itself is still correct (If you don't setup a static IP, there is a chance the server itself swapped IP on the lan and the port forward is no longer actually pointing to the correct place.

    Is there anything different between when it was running on the weekend and now that it's not? e.g. are you on a different network/machine?

    This also doesn't sound like a DNS issue, if it was a DNS issue, the IP wouldn't be resolving to the correct IP address, if it is resolving fine, than that isn't the issue.
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  8. The server has a static IP (reserve). Just to be sure, I checked the port forward and LAN address. Everything checked out. In general, with two years of running, we've never had any problems. Oh, sure, we've had some small issues, but nothing major. It's been quite a nice server with good performance for our 20 or 30 friends.

    We just rebuilt it brand new. This weekend I was working on setting up the new world from a friend's house. I was building in there no problem at all. I'm racking my brain to try and figure out what is different from this weekend. For the life of me I cannot figure it out.

    When I ping my DNS domain from a separate network, my pings come in clean. Traceroute, no problem. I can "see me" on the open port. The port is pointed to the host machine's IP.

    Minecraft? Red x. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
  9. I see the confusion now, Aikar. Thanks for chiming in. No harm, no foul. Cheers to you for inquiring.
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    What methods of access do you have to the server with it being remote?
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  11. What do you mean? You mean to work on it? When I'm working on it remotely I use TeamViewer. Cheap, easy, free. When I'm in-house, I SSH or screen share, depending on what I'm doing. When I am in-house, I'll drop the client machine on to another network (a second WAN in the office) for testing. Convenient.
  12. Right? Right! I mean, I logically know that. But, I'm knocking down everything I can, even if it doesn't make sense, because it just doesn't make sense.

    My most recent effort involved deleting the entire client ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft folder, just to see if there was something goofy in there causing a problem. So, I rebuilt the client user from scratch. Nope.