OMGSERV any good?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ChrisChatter, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. Hello, I am wondering if I should get a vps from OMGSERV, just to setup my server then I would move to a dedicated server. I never really hear much about them, so just need some advise.
  2. I think they're really overpriced. Not that much now as they have the 50% off offer, but anyways, they're overpriced to be an OVH reseller.
  3. 16gb of ram and 128ssd for 8 EUR, thats almost half of what ovh vps cost with double the specs...
  4. Their pricing has changed since I last visited them. But anyway, they use OpenVZ, and the discount is not going to be there for ever.
  5. In absolutely no way is OMGServ overpriced. I'd venture to say they're underpriced.
  6. Have you tried them?
  7. They got ulimited ram? Someone please buy and tell us about this.
  8. Wait so in the faq they says: the more players the more ram you get auto. Seems legit.
  9. So their is nothing useful gonna be said in this thread?
  10. Are you runnikg bungee or only 1 server?
  11. Sorry, but why does this matter? I am want a VPS, not mchosting. Please read the thread...
  12. Then, tell us how much load you plan to put on it. But a VPS is not going to perform as a dedicated server, and less on an OpenVZ virtualized one. Almost anyone on here has tried them and I just tried their Minecraft Shared Hosting plans.
  13. One simple server which could run one simple server <2gb of ram less than 200mb one player... I said it's just a setup server so one player (me). I am just asking about the support incase, I know it can run well..
  14. They`re reselling OVH hardware which isn`t bad but OMGServ is bad so just get a VPS from OVH itself like some others here said.
  15. Okay thanks :)

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