On Connecting to Lobby i get kicked with to many packets

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  1. Hey, i get kicked when i conect to my lobby with "You are sending to many packets" i can not give more informations but a log.
    Can some one help me?

    The Log was removed
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  2. Your IPs are in the logs btw, I recommend removing those.

    • Your server is extremely laggy
    • You have something on your client that’s lagging the server (usually Hacks like CrashServer or ServerNuker)

    • I would restart your server and double check your client
  3. I have restarted but the problem is still the same. All plugins on the lobby are selfcoded. And i have over 8 years coding experience. My code is very optimized. The TPS is *20 *20 *20
  4. The problem is on all my players. my client is vanilla the wierd thing is, that i only get kicked one time. after relogging all works. if i wait a few minutes and log back in again the same issue.
  5. I will update some plugins that are not made by me. Like TAB and Portals and so
  6. Do you use some protocol-hack plugins like ViaVersion? Try to disable it for a test.