On Join Fly not working!

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  1. on join:
    if player has permission "nithub.fly":
    set {fly.%player%} to true
  2. what exactly is not working?
  3. Allow fly for player
  4. No, that uses WildSkript wich is outdated.

    Use something like this
    Code (Text):
    on join:
        if player has permission "nithub.fly":
             set {fly::%player%} to true
             set flight mode of player to true
    This sets it so that the player can fly
    If you don't have Vault and a permission plugin (PEX, LuckyPerms, etc) then 'if player has permission' does not work
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  5. Which part exactly needs skquery?
    That’s all vanilla code.
  6. the 'set flight mode' part
  7. You don't need SkQuery for that, its right in Bensku's Skript fork
    Code (Text):
    Flight Mode
    [the] fl(y[ing]|ight) (mode|state) of %players%
    %players%'[s] fl(y[ing]|ight) (mode|state)
    Since:    2.2-dev34
    Whether the player(s) are allowed to fly. Use Make Fly effect to force player(s) to fly.
    set flight mode of player to true
    send "%flying state of all players%"
  8. Oh I guess im blind
  9. hehe... i think i was in the same boat at some point, and someone pointed me to that