One Death = One Ban

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  1. I made a new server where players get randomly spawned between -10000 and 10000 x and z for the first spawn and if they die they are permanently banned.

    What do you guys think and how can I get people interested best?
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    The Server domain is
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  2. I changed it 12 hrs instead hopefully that better. I'm looking for a plugin that allows people to be invincible for a few minutes after joining but I'm having trouble
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  3. I saw this server on a server list today :O well I recommend learning Skript or Java or both, then you will be able to make every little feature you want easily yourself
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  4. Strahan


    That's certainly better, as permanent bans will not lead to a healthy server population, lol
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  5. I agree on learning java I have a test server on my PC and I'm working on adding a lot of features. Yea perm bans is fun but I lost all the players the day I put it up, over 40 bans lol. I pardoned them but oh well I will put it up again after I'm done adding features on the test server.
  6. I would probably change the permanent ban to a temp ban, because otherwise you will lose your whole player base
  7. They already did that. Read the second post.