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  1. Is there any One Punch Man plugin I can install for my server? Maybe a plugin that can give me abilities and clothing of OPM?

    Thanks in advance
  2. No one gonna help?
  3. Your probably gonna have to pay a lot of money. What your describing sounds like a RPG. Abilities and clothing? No one will code you one for free.
  4. So like you punch someone once and they die? Give some detail to what you're looking for.
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  5. One Punch Man is a TV show. What he wants is the abilities and clothing in that show.
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  6. yea bro. exactly.
  7. You can disguise the player. Find a player who has the OPM skin and just disguise player as blah etc, if you do use LibsDisguise the player name will change I think. Then for the One punch event you can check for a damage event, check who player is, and either amplify the damage, or instantly kill the victim.
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  8. Ok so here;s what i need. I dont need the OPM clothing anymore. However i do need a plugin that can kill any mob and player with one punch. (With my fist of course). The second thing i need with the same plugin is a feature to change my nametag that appears above my character to anything I want. This is because i want to change my username to Saitama while still keeping my skin. And the name should be changed in the TAB as well as when joining and leaving the server. If someone could make this, that would be great. I'm ready to pay a decent ammount
  9. I'll make the 1 punch feature in like 5 minutes for free if you want, but for Nametags I recommend you use NameTagEdit.
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  10. Nvm I got the OPM plugin I was looking for. Thanks for the offer though :D you are very kind. I will try name tag edit tomorrow
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    Please remember. If you are looking for development, you must post in the Services and Recruitment forums.
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  12. alright thank u for informing me