One reason people are not updating to 1.9-1.10

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by NovaLegion, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. Essentials and Group Manager. Such essentials plugins for new server owners. Pex is okay, but so annoying and hard to learn. Maybe if they were for 1.9-1.10 we would update.
  2. What is annoying and hard about pex? I enjoy it way more than gm tbh.
  3. Because of the formats. There is also no good wiki for it.
  4. Read the commands once, use them once, get used to them. They are easy and so is the format.
  5. If you're just going to argue. Then you can leave. My statement can be reinforced by many people.
  6. I still got essentials and groupmanager, its hard to find but i got it!
  7. Essentials is a cluster of horribly optimized and redundant code, if people need it that badly, their servers just do not count..
  8. You're obviously mis-lead. Even the archon uses essentials. Plus, essentials is amazing for starting server owners. You don't just wake up a pro.
  9. I use EssentialsX & GroupManagerX as well, work perfectly on 1.10 and are easy to understand.
    Reason I use GM over PEX is because I like it's multi-world support better.
  10. Big does not equal good, or mean they are doing stuff right. Look at shitplex.
  11. Your logic is flawed.
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  12. To be honest guys, I don't actually have a personal preference, as PermissionsEx works well for me in certain servers and GroupManager works better for the other. For example:
    • I would use GroupManager for a Faction server, but I wouldn't use it for a prison server.
    • PermissionsEx works great for a prison server, with the right management and rankup plugin.
    My opinion is this way since I feel PermissionsEx allows you to extend how complex your permissions are, even though they cause bugs they don't occur to me as much. In my example I was talking about a faction and prison server, a prison server may have multiple ranks that need to be stored into 1 player so PermissionsEx supports that. With donator ranks, they don't work out as well with GroupManager as you can have a max of 2 ranks. As these may change for a prison server, it would be difficult to work with in the future. A faction server normally would have something with 2 ranks max. A default rank with the normal permissions and a donor rank (If applicable). So, I move between permission plugins depending on the situation. Also GroupManager doesn't get updated that often... PermissionsEx has new updates constantly.

    Rob (ZentoPVP CEO)
  13. Much agreed :)
  14. That alt tho
  15. Alt?
  16. Gonna lock this thread because everyone's toxic.
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