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  1. So i made a gun that shoots shuker bullets but after some time of adding features to the plugin it stopped working. I haven't been keeping track of this, so idk when it stopped working. I wonder if there is an EntityRemove event or smth like that.
    Thx for awnser
  2. No, there is no "EntityRemoveEvent". There's possibly another event that might be useful to you though, so what exactly are you trying to do?
    (By the way, although this is relevant to programming, there's a subforum specifically for Spigot plugin development)
  3. Im trying to get some info about what removes the entity somehow
  4. Got it, will create thread there next time
  5. Alright. What are you trying to do with that information? You mentioned shulker bullets, so if you're looking out for when/why a projectile despawns, you can listen in to the ProjectileHitEvent
  6. Already tried, nothing there
    I just whanna know why my shulker bullet gets delited but other projectiles dont
  7. Are they being deleted before hitting their target in that case? That'd be quite odd, but possibly interference from another plugin. If they just don't call the event, then it might be a bug in Spigot.
  8. Yep about 1-3 tick after spawning
    let me try something
  9. No its not due to protocol support
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  10. Did you try removing it anyway? ProtocolSupport's objective is to add support for clients on older versions. Pre-1.9 doesn't have shulkers or shulker bullets, so perhaps it's trying to remove them to force compatibility for those versions?
  11. yep then i got it back and removed it again
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  12. Not sure what to tell you then D: make sure you're using the latest version of BuildTools and a freshly compiled Spigot jar.
    Good luck though
  13. Oh yeah that was the awnser all along:
    difficulty was set to peaceful
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