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  1. I was thinking about purchasing a oneplusone from my iPhone 5S but i'm not sure if this is a good choice, thoughts? Also, which model looks more appealing the white or sandstone black in your opinion, thanks
    - Chris.
  2. I have the OnePlus One sandstone black edition for about 2 months now and I must say I like it a lot.

    • Feels really rigid and comfortable.
    • Awesome textured back.
    • 4K recording.
    • It's really fast and supports the latest android versions.
    • Charges fast.
    • It's pretty big.
    • The screen is slightly higher than the body so be careful not to drop it.
    So far, I haven't experienced any difficulties with my phone so for me it's a great purchase.
    If you have questions just reply or shoot me a PM.
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    I was also thinking of getting one, but my concern is mainly the OnePlus two.

    It's been confirmed for Q2 or Q3, but I don't know if I can wait that long. But I also don't know if I want my phone to suddenly become out-dated. xD
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  4. I don't think oneplus one will be outdated anytime soon.
  5. How's the battery life on it?, also, I might be getting the white one, because all my phones are usually black so I wanted to change it up, but you probably won't be able to see it considering im putting a case on it, you know any good cases? thanks!
  6. Get the black for the extra money the more memory the better. Also you will wearing a case so you won't be able to see it. If you don't wear a case you can always buy a white back and have the 64gb version. I personally use this case and bought Orzly Tempered Glass for for a total of £18(I don't like screen protectors but this one you can't tell its there). As for the battery life it's amazing when I compare it to my old phone but if you use certain roms and other things you can get even better battery life. The only problem is there is supposedly the oneplus two coming soon.
  7. I've had my OnePlus One for a few months now, I quite love it, but theres a few things I wish I could fix/change.

    • Replace the stupid gumdrop looking emojis with apple's versions
    • Fix the lag that is caused when using the keyboard in a horizontal orientation.

    I recommend you turn off iMessage before removing your card & resetting the phone, I learnt that the hard way.
  8. The emojis are the worst but I don't think I've had the keyboard lag.
  9. I bought the white one because I probably will not go over 16gb, but thanks for the info!
    I hope the battery life will be better than my iPhone 5s.
    EDIT: I opened a ticket to cancel my order so I can buy the black version :p, and i'll just use a white case

    What happens if you forget to turn iMessage off..?
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  10. Might just be me, I type quite quickly in horizontal mode so I can notice the cpu just struggling to keep up.

    Well I didn't know you had to turn off iMessage before hand so now I am unable to get texts from my father since my carrier thinks I'm still on an iPhone, but I'm pretty sure if you go to your carrier, they'll probably be able to fix that if you don't turn it off before switching.
  11. Try follow this
  12. Wait... These are actually a thing?! Emergawd
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  14. Over here saying "64gb is so much I won't go over that!" and I'm just like... Eh.
    This is on the 64gb version, the app storage is Spotify. :p
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  15. It's crazy how much spotify takes up.
  16. It could be different on adroid considering theres more to customize which takes up more storage. I canceled my order, not sure if I should wait to see what happens on June 1st.
  17. It was confirmed iirc.

    But yeah, the OPO looks nice; I'm considering getting it once I have the money :p

    Edit: Reddit AMA
  18. I have a 1+1 and I like it. However there is a issue with the OS some of the time. running cynogen (5.0.2 andriod) and it sometimes crashes.

    Battery life is poor from 5.0.2. Was great before update. Lasts about 15hrs with skype/email every 5mins on LTE network.

    Also, i do not use a case. I like the scratch resistance of the back (64GB) but there is a very minute crack in the screen from where the speaker is (for your ear).

    Otherwise its good.
  19. Do you think I should wait for the 1+2? I heard the invite system is hard to get the phone. And do you think theres a big difference in spec wise.
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