Spigot OneTouchSponge [DEAD] 1.0


  1. LeePMC submitted a new resource:

    OneTouchSponge - Simple small plugin that makes it so you only have to click a sponge for it to break!

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  2. can you make a sponge plugin that works and has factions and world guard support factions uuid support
  3. Yeah sure, give me a day to a week ;)
  4. Will you ever make a sponge plugin, like to sponge lava water with factionsuuid support and world guard like to sponge lava and water with customization of the distance etc
  5. Sure :) if youre in the aus time zone i might upload it tonight otherwise tommorow ;)
  6. THANKS <3
  7. Make a hook for the one touch sponge and the sponge plugin <3 that would be so sick <3
  8. The OneTouchSponge is compatible with any 1.7 sponge type plugin (even 1.7 lucky block plugins because they use sponges although it would be buggy)
  9. IS there a specific world guard version
    we need?
  10. no all should work fine :p
  11. ooo