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  1. I've tried searching for a similar post since I feel this is an obvious issue (sorry I'm on my phone I might have missed something).

    My internets down and as result can't connect to minecraft auth servers, and so I can't connect to my local server. But every time I set online mode to false in and start the server, spigot just changes it back to true. Is there a way to start a spigot server in offline mode?
  2. Has this been ignored because of the topic? Seems like it wouldn't be a difficult issue to fix otherwise?
  3. If your internet is down you can't connect to a server, LocalHost is your INTERNET without being forwarded with Ports
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  5. i used to run a cracked server and ran into this problem as well. you gotta change your start.bat or file to run in offline mode
    by adding the -o false before the PAUSE in the start file. i hope this helped! :)
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