1.17.x Online mode for premium players only

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  1. Is there any way to enable online mode only for premium players?
    I've read several threads and it seems like it's impossible to know if the player is premium in offline mode.
  2. You can grab the UUID of the player and compare it to Mojang's servers. The UUID can just be faked though so it should be taken with a grain of salt

    Simple solution: don't use offline mode.
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    UUIDs are generated off of the player name in offline mode, whether the player is using a proper account or not.
  4. Ah okay this is something I have misunderstood for some time then, everyday is a school day ;)
  5. I'm asking if it's possible to enable online mode only for players I choose or disable for those I choose
  6. No.
  7. No, as I said and explained it is fundamentally not possible.... Please just read the FastLogin documentation they explain it perfectly.
  8. Unless you have two separate entry points (one for online, and one offline), then no. It's a matter of the client disconnecting by itself if it fails the authentication process, nothing that the server can do about.
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  9. Good point, but in that case you are still relying on players telling you there premium status (by connecting to the correct server), so it isn't that different from using something like fastlogin.
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  10. [QUOTE = "WinX64, post: 4191870, member: 17715"] A menos que você tenha dois pontos de entrada separados (um para online e um offline), não. É uma questão de o cliente se desconectar sozinho se falhar no processo de autenticação, nada que o servidor possa fazer. [/ QUOTE]

    If I enable online mode on BungeeCord, can I transfer the premium user to a server with online mode and non-premium to a server without online mode?
  11. No, you can't. If the server is in online-mode, the client itself will disconnect as soon as it finds out that it's not authenticated. There's nothing you can do in this case, not with plugins, or anything else.
    Anyway, that as much as I'm willing to go into this, as we don't support offline-mode.
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  12. With fastlogin, can non-premium players login with premium usernames?
    if yes, i won't waste my time anymore
  13. I'm sure thats possible. Also premium players could change their name to one of a cracked player etc.