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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by zThana, May 17, 2016.

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  1. Heey,

    How to make something like this? (On your right)
  2. Want the plugin or general code for it?
  3. I'd like to program it myself
    How to do so tho cx
  4. I'll add methods in a few hours, I need sleep right now.
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  5. Maybe this one helps? Not exactly sure what it does though.
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  6. Have you even googled this? There's a crab ton of questions like this
  7. Not sure what I had to type in, but yes, I've done my best by annoying google ;P
    Not sure how to use / adjust this...
    I don't really know much about packets aswell .-.
  8. Use protocollib or create your own packet listener and intercept the packet sent from the server to modify the JSON array.
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  9. Serializator


    You're telling us you don't know much about packets...
    And you expect us to help you if you don't even do some research yourself and learn new things.
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  10. I know how it works on BungeeCord, but Spigot is most a bit more complicated than BungeeCord

    I'll try to get a solution :)
  11. What? I've done my best searching up a lot of stuff. That's why I ended up making this thread.
  12. Serializator


    We told you about using packets, you tell us that you don't know much about them.
  13. Any recommended sites?
  14. That crab must be smart to speak english and ask those questions.
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    It was unnecessary to do that.
    @Pr0totype2: Please mark the thread as solved if you dont have any more questions.
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