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  1. So, I am looking for an online staff plugin for networks, so players can write /staff, then see if there are any online players and on what server they are. Just like on the server "McOrigins" by ExplodingTNT.

    Here's a picture:

    Does anyone know what plugin this is?
  2. Most likely the one you are directly referring to is custom. I'm sure there are a few kicking around Spigot or Bukkit though.
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  3. McOrigins doesnt use custom plugins (after what I have seen)

    Edit: I have found almost every plugin they have on either Spigot or Bukkit.
  4. I would be willing to make this for you, if you wish.
  5. x_L


    I think it's a custom plugin.
  6. Yeh please, would be awesome :)
  7. They are using lots of paid plugins, but no custom plugins..
  8. Just PM me what you would like it to feature and I'll get started, shouldn't take more than an hour.
  9. it might be a plugin with configable messages due with staff stuff etc
  10. Theres tons of plugins do you want me to get you one?
  11. I want one that works exactly like the one they got.
  12. That's custom, I went ahead & talked to their dev for you VIA Skype. I could also make you one like it but it appears someone's on that job for you. Hope* I helped. :)
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  13. Appreciate your help! :)
  14. Can i get the link of the plugin too after?
  15. The name of the plugin?
  16. It would do what your asking

    All messages are editable,

    see /list on

    We use playerz, can easily add an alias for it in plugin.yml
  17. Link?
  18. Google
  19. I've checked both Spigot and Bukkit, cant seem to find it.