Spigot Online time, changing name to Usefullcmds 1.6

/ot tells the player time spent on the server

  1. liwaa submitted a new resource:

    Time On Server - /tos tells the player time spent on the server

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  2. lol you should add a tool tip to the text saying "Meaning of life: 42"
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  3. This seems great, players always want to know this sort of stuff, would add things like blocks broke. Or something like that
  4. thank you,
    and sure i will add blocks broke asap
  5. Add command(s) execute on a time reach
  6. what do you mean, like when it reaches 10 A.M a command is executed??
  7. I'd recommend renaming it to "Online Time" or something related since it is more understandable :)
  8. so you want the command to be /ot i can do that :p
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  9. Seems reasonable. ;)
  10. done :p
  11. I recommend removing the /IP command. If someone is running a bungee network that's there backend ips available
  12. the /ip command is set in the config :p