Spigot OnlineStaff 3.0

See the online staff !

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    OnlineStaff - See the online staff !

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  2. leo


    Thank for the share !
  3. So is it possible to add my own ranks?
  4. And beside this. When I am Admin, if different staff-groups are set to inherit it also inherit that group.

    If for ex. I have Helper -> Moderator -> Admin
    And the next group inherit all perms from the group before (moderator inherit perms from helper, admin from moderator) then Helpers get their names listed under "helper" but moderators get their names listed under both "helper" and "moderator", and admins get their names listed under all three groups.

    It's a minor annoyance but any way to fix this?
  5. 1.8.8 Compatibility?
  6. Hi, as the owner, I do not show in the Owner section, as I have the * perm. Would you be able to make it so that the highest rank shows for all players with all permissions.