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  1. Tomhoekstra submitted a new resource:

    BungeeCord StaffChat - Brand new plugin, more updates will come anytime soon.

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  2. Hey,
    Can we change the broadcast prefix?
  3. Hey,
    I don't have the config plugin!
  4. Little bit more information, thanks

  5. Hello,
    Can you add this to the configuration please?
  6. I'd recommend adding a ChatLock feature global and public. Would be a great addition. :D
  7. You mean like to freeze the chat?
  8. Yes, you can freeze it on the server you're just on, and all the servers.
    And call it "ChatLock" because it basically locks the chat, and only those with a permission node can talk.
  9. ill look into it :) keep watching my page, im developing a minigame atm so this has to wait..