Only some players on some specific locations can join the server

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  1. Hello!

    We are currently hosting 2 servers on an OVH dedicated in Canada. One is for Minecraft Java Edition and the other one is for Minecraft Bedrock.
    On the Java server, everyone can join around the world, we hadn't seen a problem there.
    However, the issue we are having is on the bedrock one. Only some players can join on specific locations around the world. This is the scenarios we had detected so far:
    • A player can join using VPN of Canada.
    • A player can join from Mexico.
    • Player can't join using the same ISP and mostly the same location as the player above.
    I know our firewall must be correct because I can ping the server from the internet.
    Also, we tried connecting using a subdomain and directly with the IP, both have the same problem. can also ping the server:

    We don't use a CDN (or something similar), all players connect directly to the dedicated.

    Code (Text):
    This server is running Nukkit (git-3718c78) 「PowerNukkit」 implementing API version 1.0.11 for Minecraft: BE v1.16.20 (protocol version 408)

    I know this is Spigot, but I think this is more a problem that has to do with a configuration of our dedicated or our networking.

    Any idea why this may be happening? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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  2. Okey... this is the weirdest problem I had ever encountered.
    and also... Bump!
  3. If everything works ok with the java edition and the two servers are on the same machine then no, this isn’t an issue with firewalls and networking.
  4. I can reach the server from outside, so definitely the server is open to the internet.

    Since we are on a dedicated, OVH doesn't offer us their firewall. However, we have IPTables. Since I can connect, I'm sure that the port is open on TCP and UDP.

    Extra info:
    We don't use a CDN (or something similar) all players connect directly to the dedicated.
  5. Did you check for any settings similar to the one in called prevent-proxy-connection?
  6. Humm. the only 2 configurations I have are and nukkit.yml.
    and I don't see an option like that.


    Code (Text):
    This server is running Nukkit (git-3718c78) 「PowerNukkit」 implementing API version 1.0.11 for Minecraft: BE v1.16.20 (protocol version 408)
  7. Dude you just shared your rcon password online...
  8. enable-rcon=off
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  9. ITs possible they cant connect because of either where they are and how far away they are from the server
  10. Yeah... I'm thinking also that. Not far geographically but how many jumps the connection does.
    For example, in Mexico I can connect however I cannot connect with a VPN from USA.
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  11. did anyone fixed this problem ?
  12. Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock(Windows) are 2 very different base codes.
    I would be very surprised if they could interact on many levels.
    They have differing handling codes for events.
  13. The question is about real location - not a virtual one. Btw, Nukkit has many similarities with Bukkit. Either way, I feel like it's out of scope of SpigotMC.
  14. So! This is just the solution to this.

    The "Game" dedicates at OVH have an extra firewall for UDP. This means that all the servers you run on UDP (mostly game servers including Minecraft Bedrock) must be added to that firewall.
    You can configure this firewall on your OVH panel.

    I still have no idea why some players could join and others not, since this firewall must drop all traffic from UDP connections...