Onlyproxyjoin doesn't work

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  1. Hi!
    I just started using bungeecord and for security, I use this plugin. The problem is that, even if I set the right ip in the config.yml, when i join the bungee server, it says that I can only enter throught the proxy.
    I have 3 server, a survival, a hub and the bungeecord.
    So, what is the problem? why it doesn't work?

    I thought that I put the plugin in the wrong place. I put it in the hub and the survival server, so, is it right?
  2. maybe tty with 127.0.0. 1? or else try to use IPWhitelist instead, or idk =/ it worked for me
  3. But IPwhitelist isn't for players?
    I mean.. ipwhitelist let you add players to a normal whitelist throught their ip.
  4. nope, IPWhitelist isn't the same thing as the Minecraft Whitelist:pit's a plugin similar to OnlyProxyJoin
  5. So, which ips must I put in the config of IPwhitelist?
  6. you're server ip, try to put if the bungee proxy is on the same machine as your spigot server
  7. If you are using linux (witcxh i recomend for servers) you could follow this tutorial. It's better than every plugin.
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  8. so do you have problem with UUID ? i mean uuid spoof Use TCPShield also you can use IP Whitelist
  9. Just use BungeeGuard.
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