Bungee - Spigot OnlyProxyJoin v0.1

The users can only join over the proxy.

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    OnlyProxyJoin (version v0.1) - The users can only join over the proxy.

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  2. Is this really needed?
    I thought this already was implented by BungeeCord?
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  3. No xD
    With BungeeCord you have to turn the online-mode of your Server to false ... But if you join the Server directly BungeeCord can't secure your Server.
  4. This is somewhat unnecessary. Just set server-ip= in server.properties of each server or use iptables to prevent clients from joining your servers directly.
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  5. Yes but if you have more ip's like me and if you havn't got knowledge about ip tables?
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  6. Go to server.properties, put server-ip=

    Problem solved.
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  7. or the ip of the bungee proxy, I think?

    And with iptables or something else, you do not have an custom kick message.
  8. If bungeecord isn't on the same box this is very handy for users with no experience on the command line :)
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  9. k I guess this is simpler for noobs, but really it's only one line.
    Code (Text):

    iptables -I INPUT ! --src <BUNGEE_IP> -m tcp -p tcp --dport <SERVER_PORT> -j DROP
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  10. SuperSpyTX


    Wasn't this full proxy support already added in Spigot too?
  11. Um, why do you disagree with me, joehot200? What I said is true: Just put the proxie's IP (whether it is the loopback ip if the proxy runs on the same machine or the actual IP address of the proxy-running server) in the server.properties. That's it. As an IT sysadmin, I know what I'm talking about.
  12. joehot200


    I actually cant remember...
    I probably disagreed with the fact that it was unnececcary.
    In my opinion i would probably find using the plugin easier.
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  13. Every unnecessary piece of code you add, will theoretically slow down your server. So why would you add the plugin if it is just a server.properties edit?

    Then you really shouldn't run a server. Since you are german, you should read this, this and - just for the lulz - this. I say that, because if you don't have any experience with iptables, it actually sounds to me like you're just another kid running an insecure dedicated server.

    Once again - no offense.
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  14. Because you can define a custom kick message.

    Thats needed in some cases.
  15. That's true. But not enough for me to use such a plugin, since bungee runs on the main port and the actual server ports are unknown to the public.
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  16. Some find it useful. You mustn't use it.
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  17. This plugin is useful. Here's a usecase of mine :
    I used to host a bungee proxy with a bunch of third-party servers in the mix. Some of those servers weren't hosted on VPS/dedis, but on game servers where only a webinterface is provided. Such a plugin is very useful in this case, as you can't modify the firewall.
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  18. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Although I do not use this specific one, it is actually pretty handy to use as it's a flawless way of ensuring that no one else can join.
  19. I have problem with the plugin. I Update to the last dev of BungeeCord do not allow me to connant to the server it say (Disconnecting XxCoolGamesxX : You have to join through the proxy.). It weird I test in my Window 7 it work good but when i test on my Linux is not work.
  20. Edit: Forget that, working fine on 1.5.2
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