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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Oppyusa, May 10, 2020.

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  1. I'm currently attempting to make OP kits but I am not sure why EssentialsX isn't letting me. Here is my config:
    How do I do this? I have already remade the config but that is not working.
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  2. If you plan on adding unsafe enchantments (enchantments that are higher than the vanilla enchantments, something like Sharpness 10), you should enable unsafe-enchantments in config, your kits are managed in kits.yml if you plan on adding your kits through the file.
    However, you could just fill your inventory with what you want and do /createkit (name) (delay) and it should automatically write to the kits.yml file with what you want (as long as pastebin-createkit is set to false in config)
  3. Its not in my config though. Also, i already did the second thing and that failed.
  4. The unsafe enchantments is in your config, maybe you're just not putting in effort to find it. It's on line 473.
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  5. I've heard of this very great feature named "Find and Replace", it's a great keyboard shortcut that can be triggered with CTRL + F on Windows. Maybe you should try it out on your yaml text editor too.
    I also heard that computers are alot more smarter than humans, it's because they have direct access to a search engine while humans are storing the information in our brains.
  6. I have learned of CTRL + F. That's not polite. I'm not stupid. The hosting the server uses doesn't have a find feature and Window's find feature doesn't work.
    Thank you for the line number. That has helped me a ton.
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