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  1. Hi all.

    I'm new to spigot servers. I've set up a server hosted at Cubedhost/Prisma mainly as more of a technical exercise than running an actual server full time. I am using these plugins:

    I have added 3 basic groups, 'Guest', 'Admin', 'Owner'.
    I myself am OP'd and in the Owner group.
    Guest permissions are set to allow warping, building, inventory changes with game mode, plot claim etc, and essentials access to specific worlds.
    Admin inherits permissions from Guest but with added kick, teleport, ban and unban.
    Owner inherits permissions from Admin.
    Owner also has '*' permissions.

    As far as I have tested, the guest group works as I want it to with the relevant permissions doing as I want.

    My first question:
    If my/Owner group permissions are set as '*' does this stop any permissions I have made from doing anything?
    What I mean is.... A guest user can warp to a 'Plot' world and have their game mode set to Creative. If they then warp to my 'Survival' world their game mode sets to Survival and their inventory is cleared/reverted back to their survival inventory. All this works as I want it to.
    If I (as OP/owner) warp between these creative/survival worlds, my game mode does not change and my inventory does not clear. Is this normal 'behavior' for an OP/owner? I added the (minus)-multiinv.exempt permission to the owner group but this has done nothing.

    Second question:
    If we warp from a Creative world to a Survival world, we always go to the Survival 'warp' location. Is there a plugin that allows me to warp to the survival world but be located at the last bed spawn or last location when warping out?
    I is a pain if in a survival world we travel several hundred block away from the warp location to a new base but have to travel that again every time we warp back in...

    Many thanks for any help/tips!
  2. There is some weird order in Pex when and how to negate permissions after allowing all of them. This Practice of * Perms is not recommended.

    If you use a Warp, The warp will send you to where you set the warp and not override that, or do I not understand?
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    As an OP do I automatically get all permissions without having to use the '*' permissions?

    Yes, the warp does send us to the warp coordinates that were set for that warp. But for a survival world can I make it warp to a bed location or the last/saved player location when warping out? Like in a single player game when you save/quit and restart back at the exact same coordinates.
  4. Yes, Op has all permissions in a Spigot/Bukkit Server. Including all the over-rides that you do not want. There are lots of plugins that effect how players respawn at different scenarios. Maybe someone has a solution. I have a Premium Plugin called CMI that controls this but I'm sure in Essentials config there is a setup for that.
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  5. Thanks again for replying.

    I was changing some permissions for me (OP/owner) and have removed the '*'. This has now solved the inventory/game mode issue I was having.

    I will try and investigate the warp issue in the mean time.

    Thanks for your help!
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