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  1. I'm developing an open source Netty-based plugin, but having really bad difficulties with channel registrations etc. since I'm not a networking expert. This is why I would like to publish this project as a project where the community could help with its development, even if only the initial groundwork has been laid.

    The purpose of the plugin would be the following: allow a bungee-spigot (or spigot-spigot) communication using nettys sockets, which would be almost exactly the same to use as the current spigot/bungee plugin messaging channel. Since bungee and spigot have netty built-in, this plugin would not require any other additional .jar files from the user.

    This could help beginner plugin developers tremendously, as this would make plugin messaging channels available even without players.


    How could I achieve this, or do you think this would even be feasible?
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  2. As for how you could achieve this, see any of the previous open-source attempts:
    This isn't to say your idea isn't worth pursuing, but the demand isn't there. If you're not willing/able to perform more than groundwork, I'd say it's unlikely to garner attention from others, networking expert or otherwise.
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  3. Thanks for the information and links!
    I've been reading through multiple netty tutorials and sources, in addition to reading bukkit/bungee source code for information on how they implemented the networking. Currently the project should be capable of doing a simple hello world request; I'll probably continue from that point onwards by myself.