Open Source Support System, ingame link to an online control panel.

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  1. Hi There!
    I'd like to introduce and gather feedback on a new system I've had a vision of.

    This system will add a fully fledged, proffessional like ticket system to your server Network. Unlike previous soloutions, tickets can be updated in game or on the panel.

    You'd have the choice between hosting it yourself, or using a server hosted by me for a small monthly fee, something like $2.

    Notifications would appear ingame for ticket updates, and tickets can be assigned to players, categorized or even linked into GitHub to show where they have been fixed in code.

    All of this would be easy to setup and free to the community. I've got all the things I need - would you install this if it existed?
  2. Bump! Still sounds exciting to me, am I the only person interested?
  3. Inkzzz

    Resource Staff

    Sounds like a cool idea to me!
  4. Thanks :)
  5. If you make a proper API, then surely this could be useful. Would be cool to be able to ship a plugin with a hook for this (for example PlotSquared), so people could send us tickets from ingame :D
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  6. That'd be cool: I could make some sort of integrations system where a plot ID is shown along with the issue?
  7. Well, having plugins be able to host their own ticket server, and send tickets to the plugin developer as well would be quite cool
  8. If more people show interest, I'll get to it.
  9. looks intresting to me
  10. I like it, I actually looked around for something like this before and couldn't find it.

    Will you be making this?
  11. I think so, yes. I'm going to do it privately for Cubed! (Minecon Server Edition) and then release it publicly in a month or so :)
  12. Sounds nice, thanks for this.
  13. Find below an image, which is the first piece of user interface design I've done from the project!
    Please fire away with as much feedback as you wish!

  14. The idea is interesting!
    I worked on a similar platform, but for reports. Side java is a resource premium, but the web end is open source.
    If you want to take a look
  15. Thanks :)
  16. @olivervscreeper is there any chance if being able to link this into Nameless Server Website Software? So users with account a my website don't need a new account to create a ticket?
  17. My current idea is to just use Mojang auth so everyone already has an account, then perhaps Nameless auth later. Opinion?
  18. Does Mojang have an API which allows this? If so, sounds fine, I'll help out if you need any help too. :)