Open website in Minecraft?

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  1. Hello guys, i browsed in google and nothing. how i can open website in minecraft


  2. Impossible without client side mods.

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  3. ScarabCoder

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    Whenever you want to know whether something is possible or not, follow these rules:

    1. Is it handled serverside (taking damage, knockback, etc)? If it is, then it's possible.
    2. If it's handled clientside, can the server send a packet in any way that would achieve the desired effect?

    If it's the last (which it is in this case), simply browse the list of every possible packet that can be sent to the client:

    There is no such packet for making the client open a URL.
  4. In hypixel is possible :)
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  5. Doesn't are packet
  6. No, it isn’t.. You have to manually click on the link in the chat or in the book.
  7. What?

    In hypixel its probably done through a book, which I think is possible (still needs packets though as books are client side ).

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    Right, but it still needs user action to click the link.

    I don't quite know what you mean, but if you're saying you don't want to use packets, you don't usually have to. However, packets are how the server and client communicate, so if it isn't available as a Packet is won't be through the Bukkit API either. If you reverse that logic, though, not everything that's possible via packets work through the Bukkit API. Usually, look at packets first then see if there's a Bukkit API implementation for it.
  9. Strahan


    It's not too surprising that it isn't doable, as it would be a major security flaw if a server could trigger players' PCs to open URLs without any intervention by the player.
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    Well, I think he meant the GUI that opens when you click a link in chat, not necessarily opening the link directly.
  11. Okay, TFA for help me!

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