Spigot OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime music and effects - BungeeCord 6.6.2

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

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  2. Dear,

    Do not misunderstand me in words. I'm not a developer, so I'm just reporting bugs, hoping that they can be useful to you (developer) to fix and improve your product.

    I'm not here to tell you what to do, that's for sure. But I(m just saying that it does not work. To me, as with other users who have the same build.

    Speakers are so revolutionary, that we all look forward to trying them out and seeing them work.

    But if we have to wait a bit, we will have patience.
  3. I first want to apologize, my last response was to rude to say the least.

    The error speakers give on 1.11 is weird and i can't explain it.

    It has been confirmed to work on some builds of 1.11, this is what makes me to belive that it is a bug in spigot rather then openaudiomc.

    It is out of my power to fix it, i would do it if i can but just don't know what is wrong :/
  4. :) we will have better chance with 1.12 eheheh
  5. mindgamesnl updated OpenAudioMc (open source audio client) with a new update entry:

    Ambiance, new openaudiomc+ and more options.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Loving all these updates!
  7. I'm glad to hear that :)
  8. I want to see some form of voice control to where you are in world to how load you are in Discord using something like this. I love everything about this that I have seen, and will try it out here later!
  9. Dear,

    It's allways nice to see suggestions but i do not understand what you mean by voice control, can you explain what you mean and maybe give one or two examples of how you want to see it implemented?

    Thank you :)
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  10. Solution has been found!

    we are currently reworkin the complete speaker backend to make it work

  11. WOOOOOW yeaaah nice sounds good
  12. Is there a tutorial for this plugin, I do not understand how to play the song.
    I want to play a song using the region.
  13. Youtube is one wonderfull place my friend.

    Or just read the spigotpage...
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  14. I mean, it tracks where the players are in the world, it uses that data to change there volumes for others on Discord (A voice chat app) and then positional in game speaking! This could be used for many things. Survival Games where players can team would be way better with actual voice chat. I'm not sure maybe you make your own system for it and not use Discord or an alternate program and you magically get sound from a microphone another way. I would love to see something like this though!
  15. That would indeed be pretty neat and we are actively working on a discord integration,

    There is only one problem, a 'bot' can not change a players volume, we have found a possible solution to this but i like to keep this a bit more misterous tho until it releases ;)

    I completely agree that it is a good idea
  16. I love the initiative you guys are putting in to this!! Can't wait to see what crazy cool things you get out of it!
  17. Can you briefly explain to me how the plugin works with the speakers? Can I change the heads used in it?

    I'll explain:

    I'm making with skript a system where there are 4 items:
    - Blank disc
    - Recorder
    - Player
    - Speaker (not from the speaker command, just a custom head with custom lore too).

    Both recorders and players are heads with custom lore. I'm using BlockStore to store this info on the block and to check it with skript. (Still gotta test it).

    So basically, the player buys the blank disc, go in front of a recorder and use the custom skript command "/recordnewdisc <URL>". This will record the URL into the disc NBT.

    When the player go into a disc player and right click the player, it will loop the blocks in a radius 8 of the disc player and search for speakers. If speakers are found, those speakers will start playing the music URL inside the disc.

    Can you help me with this giving me some information?
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  18. https://github.com/Mindgamesnl/OpenAudioMc/wiki/Speaker-system
    https://github.com/Mindgamesnl/OpenAudioMc/tree/master/Plugin source code/src/net/openaudiomc/speakerSystem

    All i will say is:

    The default plugin does not allow the usage of custom skulls and does not make use of nbt, we rather opted for a custom storage format.

    You can change it manualy by forking and recompiling the plugin.

    More thechnical info:
    • Speakers run async
    • Speakers run arround 3 times per second
    • Speakers make use of ArrayList and HashMaps
    • A custom system for storing data and objects,
    • the github code is NOT released, still a devbuild

    I'm not a skript wizzard so you will have to take a look at the github page for a more indepth look at the juicy stuff
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  19. The NBT part is for the skript only, for storing the URL into the disc to get retrieved later.
    I'm not into java, that's why i'm here asking for help.

    Is it possible for you (that's the only thing I need from your part) to create a syntax for adding speakers from the console?
    If you let me use "/openaudio speaker add <url> <x> <y> <z>", you'll make possible to the skript come alive.

    My idea using this new syntax with coordinates:

    1. right click with custom disc in the disc player (URL stored in NBT)
    2. 8 radius looped from the disc player location
    3. custom speaker skull (not the OA skull) is found
    4. the skull is replaced with "/openaudio speaker add <url> <x> <y> <z>" command. The coordinate from the said skull and the URL from the one stored at the NBT
    That's it!
    Thanks for your help :D
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  20. Sure thing, gimme a day or two (school n stuff)

    Im not sure about the nbt lart cuz i just finished rewriting the speakers today and do not plan to do it again.
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