Spigot OpenAudioMC Youtube Support v1.4.2

Adding Youtube Support to OpenAudioMC

  1. SnowBlinderP submitted a new resource:

    OpenAudioMC Youtube Support - Adding Youtube Support to OpenAudioMC

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  2. It's dead? It doesn't play any music to our users...
  3. Hello,
    I think that there's an issue with the encoding of the audio. It seems like the audio is being encoded every time, even in speakers.

    Here is the behavior:

    1. add a speaker with youtube link
    2. place it down somewhere
    3. stay close, wait the music to end
    4. music end, a long time passes, then, starts again
    Expected behavior:

    1. music should start right after it's finished, in a loop.
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  4. hi the plugin ant working
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