OpenInv for 1.8.7?

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  1. Hi, I was looking for a plugin like OpenInv for spigot 1.8.7.
  2. Just use /invsee with Essentials.
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    Get the plugin skript and do this:

    Code (Text):
    command /inv <player>:
            open arg 1's inventory to the player
  4. just change NMS version number and recompile it
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  6. That's what I would use thought but I can only open, not take something.
    I am stupid when it comes to java. I'm not sure where to do that.
    Like I said, stupid with java.
    Where do you download, because I would happily try.
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    The good news is, this isn't any Java at all! Skript is a plugin that allows you to use English sentences to write your own plugins. The code snippet I gave you there is all you need to open someone's inventory.

    Just install Skript, reboot the server, and make a *.sk file (you can call it or whatever!) with that code I gave you. Then /skript reload all and it will be activated and you can use the command /inv (or whatever you want to call it) to open the inventory.
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  8. Use essentials /invsee command.
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    Dont install skript its so bad i really dont understand how anyone actually uses it
  11. How is it bad? I use it since it avoids the need for downloading a plugin for every small needs.
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    The syntax seems just very limiting, and more confusing since its "english" idk maybe because i think things should be more logical

    Like "2 + 2 = 4" not "add two and another two together to get four"

  13. To allow editing of inventories via /invsee, the user not only needs the permission essentials.invsee, but the permission essentials.invsee.modify

    If the player whose inventory you are trying to modify has the permission essentials.invsee.preventmodify, you won't be able to modify their inventory.
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    All of these basically emulate /invsee from Essentials (a plugin he likely already has). Skript doesn't provide an interface to interact with offline players or open their inventory.

    Also, go look at all the Skript "resources" on the forums. You will soon realize that Skript has to be extended since its core functionality is (likely intentionally, to be fair) incomplete! So now you're downloading a bunch of extensions for, I don't know, the nth crappiest "skript" you bought for $2. Makes downloading a regular spleef plugin more appetizing, because it's only one plugin, not upwards of seven (which is a bit extreme, but I'd wager to say not always uncommon).

    Oh, and by the way, it's called "script", not "skript".
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