Bungee - Proxy Ophion Protection 1.8.6

Track usernames, ips and alert all admins when a user logs on.

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    Ophion Protection - Track usernames, ips and alert all admins when a user logs on.

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    Ophion Protection 1.7

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  3. Can this alert me when multiple usernames with the same ip log in, maybe at different times?
  4. It should alert you when anyone logs in with an IP that has an alert on it. I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to say. Use /lookup add <IP> to add an alert to an IP.

    Edit: Do you mean if more than one person logs in with the same IP then and only then send an alert? ie Don't send a message if there is only one person who logged on?
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  5. correct, on your edit. If multiple accounts are seen from one IP address, I'd like it to alert with a list of the accounts seen from that IP.
  6. I will try to get this done in the next version but I will need to add a config because this feature will likely not be wanted by everyone.
  7. It would be nice to add a configurable limit to how many accounts can connect from one IP address, and I think that could be within the scope of this plugin (being named "protection" and all :p )

  8. Couldn't you just use UUID instead of IP's for finding previous names?
  9. when you do /lookup list it disconnects you from the server after it says IP Cautions.