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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by SynOfficial, Feb 21, 2021.

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  1. Hello. I would like to start a Minecraft network with 4 servers and a bungeecord server. (Lobby, Survival, Creative and Skyblock).
    I found this dedicated server from Kimsufi (OVH):
    i3-2130 (2c/4t) Processor with 8GB of DDR3 RAM (at 1333Mhz) and a 2TB HDD.

    I would like to know if, with the following memory splitting, the server will work fine.
    Proxy - 1GB (I know bungee doesn't need much, so this should be alright)
    Here are my plugins on the proxy server:
    Lobby - 1GB with 25 slots
    Here are my plugins on the lobby server:
    Survival - 3GB with 25 slots
    Here are my plugins on the survival server:
    Creative - 1GB with 25 slots
    Here are my plugins on the creative server:
    Skyblock - 1GB with 25 slots
    Here are my plugins on the skyblock server:

    Note, all plugins are on their latest version. I'm using PaperSpigot 1.16.5 on all servers.
  2. That's an insanity old CPU and do not recommend it at all.

    Instead try a decent SSD/NVMe based VPS instead, it will likely give you an edge and comes at a comparable cost to boot.

    QuickCentralHosting have a Hybrid of this spec on their E5 2695v3s and therefore should give you the omph your looking for without the price tag to match.
  3. My server will probably be most attacked in Romania due to my background, so I need immense ddos protection, which currently only OVH provides.
  4. I would not use that processor to host any Minecraft server. Too many people have the misconception that any dedicated server is better than shared hosting while only looking at the amount of RAM and price, whereas in reality your servers will probably run smoother in a good shared hosting environment (and probably cost you less as well).
  5. specs are too weak, a server need good single threading performance and high clock per core CPU, high MHZ memory and maybe a fast SSD
    i recommend buying ovh game (polonia deoarece este ping mic in romania)
  6. First figure out why exactly you would be attacked then once you do it can be simpler to isolate such so you can't be a prime target.

    Furthermore QuickCentralHosting as well any other providers comes equipped with quality mitigation. Oplink if you are really worried as they got 100Gbps at the ready, not as much as OVH but being a considerably smaller business and not prone to internal OVH issues (where most attacks comes from to be real) you might have "better protection" overall.
  7. Unfortunately I can't do anything about the DDoS attacks. I rely on a 1tbps+ ddos protection.
  8. You can indeed, nobody is attacking someone for nonstop. You are being attacked for being somewhere you shouldn't be for your own safely.

    You need to find out where this place is, quit using it for some time, ignore/block this person and move on. The DDoSes should end as it not free to run/get done.

    Additionally no minecraft server in the world need 1Tbps mitigation. That's like saying you need a guard to protect a tool shed in your back yard. It's just not realistic.
  9. You could consider tcpshield, they have a free option that might match your traffic
  10. This person need to lives up though, OVH doesn't even offer 1Tbps mitigation.

    Furthermore as I expressed if they are getting high intensity attacks like this SOMETHING is clearly wrong with their surrounding environments and they need to figure this out at once.
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