Opinion of Skript "plugins"?

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Opinion of Skripts?

  1. Absolute trash

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  2. Its good!

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  1. I honestly think its trash. I mean, sure its cool and easier to make things with, but imo its horrible because of all the plugins & add-ons you need to add just for the skripts to work.

    Plus I giggle every time someone calls themselves a developer when they can't create legitimate plugins.
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  2. MiniDigger


    skript are bad. not because you need to install some dependencies, thats the case for many plugins too. but skripts are just scripts. they don't natively access the bukkit api, they don't get optimized by a compiler. plus, they often are written by beginner developers (yes, they are developers, the write scripts. its the same as some webdeveloper writing in javascript. its equally bad.) so they contain beginner mistakes.
    if you care about performance and stability, use plugins. if you don't know java and want to add simple (very simple) commands to your sever, skript is fine. but if you download something, why would you want to use a skript if you can get a plugin?
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  3. I added skript to my server once. Ran out of RAM and crashed in six hours with just some very simple skript added. I'm sure most people have setups good enough to run it, but in my opinion running Spigot "optimised minecraft" and running skript plugins is like ordering a diet coke with your extra cheese double quarter-pounder.

    It has its uses for simple stuff and is probably unparalleled for simple events, and commands but the performance I experienced for even simple things made me never use it again.
  4. Yeah, i dont know why bother actually purchasing "skript plugins" x'D
  5. MiniDigger


    they are not plugins but resources.
  6. Same shit, different smell. hahaha
  7. scripts have offen caused a large amount of lag on servers when ive used it in the past, i kinda only use it in emergency when i need a script
  8. Bought a friking skript. (Thankfully emailed spigot and provided proof, got my money back via chargeback, Paypal agreed as well!)
    What does the supposedly "developer" tell me? "I didn't set it up correctly" Pathetic

    The real problem was on the skript end, in fact. It only worked with a specific release of 1.9. Even though they say it works with all.
    From this, I would never touch a skript again unless I really needed it.

    Truth, is. Skripts just don't work that well in 1.9

    @MiniDigger @PurrfectMistake_

    Don't you hate the skripters who call their skripts "plugins".
    and so many skripts in the Premium resource :( It honestly makes me cry.

    And these "command blocker skripts" which literally take a minute to right?

    Sure, there are some skripters that are good. Most however have just put a bad opinion on your kind. I'm not trying to bash but trying to point out the obvious that should've been mentioned a long time ago.
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  9. MiniDigger


    skripts are not plugins but scripts. but they have the same right to call themselves developers as I or a javascript developer. its just another language (with a fairly limited feature set).
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  10. Missed that point xD. I'll edit my post.
    All the other things, I pointed out in my post are true though.
    I'll find you 5 skripts that "block commands"
  11. Skripts instead of Java plugins is like command blocks instead of a modding API... it doesn't [​IMG] -cking work
  12. Skript, in my experience, is best utilized for adding small, simple, and unique touches to a server. They are fairly easy to create, take little time, and can accomplish a decent amount.
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  13. Its absolute trash. I wish spigot would remove the ability to post skripts :/
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  14. MiniDigger


    why? just don't use them. How do the skripts posted on spigot affect you?
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  15. You'd be surpised what you can do with Skript. Also, it doesn't lag if you know how to properly use them. I know multiple big networks that use skripts too ;) I agree though that people who upload five lines skripts, that block a command etc are 100% trash. But Skript itself is good in many ways, and I myself wrote a few 1000+ skripts that don't lag, and can do more than most plugins. It's not a matter of Skript, but of the skripters.
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  16. MiniDigger


    well, if you spend so much time creating a skript, you might aswell create a plugin. skript are meant to contain a few line to add some simple features. everything bigger then this can be made more efficient using a plugin. I just don't understand why someone would spend so much time in creating skripts without any assistance (ide wise).
  17. Tux


    I am opposed to Skript. It's a really shameful attempt.

    On the other hand, something like ScriptCraft is good. There's an actual language backing it with practical real-world use (JavaScript).
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  18. MiniDigger


    well, the general idea is not bad: providing an easy way for _server owners_ to add simple features without the knowledge of any programming language. it today it is just a platform for novice developers that are frustrated by actual programming or coding languages. that defeats the whole purpose of skript.
  19. I honestly didn't spend much time on them, and I'm pretty sure coding a plugin would take me longer. When you know most of skript's expressions it's basically just writing sentences in the best and most creative way possible. Writing a plugin seems harder, and would take you too much time (in my opinion), as you'll always have to be very carefully with (), {}, spaces, enters ...
  20. MiniDigger


    well, in a plugin you will need to write more but you have an ide to assist you. it will help you with the brackets, highlight your errors and they all have an auto complete feature. I am sure that you can create awesome things if you know skript, but if you know java and can creating things that are even more awesome because you are not limited by an 3rd party api. you have direct access to the bukkit api AND the nms classes and methods.
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