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  1. It is 2020. Everyone is talking about NodeJS. I tried both PHP and NodeJS a bit, and I personally felt more comfortable with PHP. I did some research online and found out that a lot of developers hate PHP. Some say it's still relevant up to this date. What do you think about PHP?

    I wanted an opinion from you guys, from the Minecraft background. I am asking because I plan to start freelancing first in Minecraft related field.
  2. It's absolutely relevant up to this date. Almost every website is using it (excluding most of the super big ones).
    You're right - it's slowly getting "replaced" by other technologies but they still have their own problems. You can expect PHP to be used for the next 20+ years for sure.
  3. Developers do indeed hate PHP, but they have even more reason to hate NodeJS. However, the abundant flaws in these languages is no reason not to learn them, they're incredibly useful in virtually all development fields. If you care for your sanity though, avoid these languages when possible.
  4. Yeah. NodeJS for example is also a great language if you want to quickly throw together something that just has to work once. E.g. you want to automatically resize, crop and rename all of your pictures or so. It's even getting used in Desktop App development (https://www.electronjs.org/)
  5. If you care for your sanity, avoid programming all together to be honest :ROFLMAO:
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  6. Any examples about the hate on NodeJS?
  7. Just take a look at a node_modules folder.
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    A lot of people dump on PHP but I am quite fond of it.

    It's used by some little sites you may have heard of; Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr, Tumblr, WordPress, Drupal is based on it, all sorts of big projects use it. I'll admit; part of why I like and use PHP is because it's what I learned back in the day, so I don't need to learn anything new and I'm lazy lol.

    I even use it for command line tools in Windows. It's much more useful than batch. What I really need to do is delve into Powershell for that, but see the lazy comment above ;)
  9. As someone who does Node.js for a living, I've gotta say, the node_modules folder, while being the heaviest thing in the universe, is not due to Node, but rather NPM.
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  10. I don't mind PHP, I like it. :)
  11. I've worked in Silicon Valley for 4 years and I've a CS degree.

    A lot of people hate on PHP

    IMO, PHP is a lot better than people give it credit for.

    It's incredibly easy to get stuff done in PHP.