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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by GabTM, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Im currently working on a project and ofc I need a host, I saw these guys offert https://contabo.com/?show=vps but I dont know if they are good or not since many people complain about their DDOS protections and others say they are good..

    Note: The server will have only a map/world (around 4000x4000) and ~50 plugins
  2. Thanks!
    Ill wait for more opinions tho
  3. When I had a VPS form they, its was really bad.. hight ping, cpu usuge was on 100% almost every time.. idk if that have change now
  4. Contabo is a terrible choice, especially if you’re using it for Minecraft. As one stated above, their DDoS Protection is really next to nothing and they oversell their servers (from what I hear).
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  5. Well, Im thinking to buy a VPS not a server which imo is pretty cheap, also, i've read alot of pros and cons about them and I don't know what to belive :|
  6. A VPS is hosted on a dedicated server... it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a Dedicated Server or not. If you buy a VPS, the node it’s on - is most likely resold.
  7. Oversold*

    Contabo is overselling their nodes up to 900%. Low quality of performance. I'd rather go with hetzner cloud though
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  8. Yea, mb

    Ill check them, thank you!
  9. Nothing really wrong with their performance but their ddos protection is just god awful. Any web booter of 1gbs or higher could easily knock that thing off for hours.
  10. Contabo is horrible for Minecraft. Stay away from them.

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