Opinions on $2k PC Rig?

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  2. You could most probably save money on the screen, at least I would do that. My screens cost no more than $150.
  3. I suggest you post your build on r/buildapc, they will give much more educated and useful feedback and suggestions than you will get here. I often see them shave 25-50% of the price off a build without any meaningful loss of performance.

    TL;DR: 1000$ totally wasted with that monitor; CPU is overkill, CPU cooler is even sillier, and if you plan on using this for gaming, a bigger SSD would go farther than any of the other parts.

    CPU: Overkill waste of money. Get an R5 1600, unless you have a very good reason for the i7 (beyond "i heard it is the best"). The "Ryzen sucks for gaming" train is just intel fanboy propoganda, they are a few percent behind in a few games, and generally equal.

    Thermal paste in 2017? Shit comes with that in the box.

    Monitor: sure, it is 144hz, but it is a TN panel, curved (dont mix these things unless you are feeling masochistic) and not very big. Unless you dont care about visual quality and are getting it for pro CSGO or something, a [email protected] or [email protected] would be the same price and look far nicer.

    GPU: Why would you get a founders edition? The aftermarkets are better and cheaper. On that note, a 1080 is totally overkill, a 1070 could manage [email protected], and an RX 480 4GB or 580 could easily handle [email protected], while being about a third of the price.
    For that ptice, you could get an aftermarket 1080Ti and just get a [email protected] monitor (do you really need that?)

    Peripherals: LolRazer. Get a mouse that wont break in a year, with some extra buttons in non-dumb places. The keyboard looks painful to use (good handrests?) and of questionable quality. Logitech stuff is similar, but without the trash quality and edgy green angles (razer used to be good).

    Storage: WD is basically Seagate with a fraction of the failure rate, and about the same price. a Crucial MX300 500GB would go a lot farther than that SSD at a nicer price per GB.
    250 fills up really fast once you have the OS, appdata/desktop/documents, some games..

    My suggestions:
    RX 480 or RX 580 or GTX 1060 6GB (200-250$) Or GTX 1070 (roughly 350$) for [email protected] over 60Hz
    Ryzen 5 1600 (220$) overclocked with stock cooler or a cheap air cooler (water cooling is worthless in almost all conditions)
    B350 AM4 (around 100$) motherboard of whatever brand, or x370 if you want the overkill USB swag.
    Some faster RAM (100-140$) that is friendly to ryzen (lots of guides)
    MX300 500GB SSD (150$)
    WD Blue 2TB (65$)
    LG 21:9 [email protected] or a dell/acer whatever [email protected] (150-170$)
    Some well-rated 550W or 650W PSU (Gold is not needed for a home PC, just a perk)

    Around 1000-1200$, and you probably wont miss those additional 70 fps unless, as i mentioned, you play competitive CSGO or need them for mad peer respect. Better for heavy workloads, multitasking and streaming, longer lifespan without big upgrades due to the bigger SSD, multigenerational support for AM4 socket motherboards (easy cpu upgrades), a more reliable HDD..
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  4. Strahan


    But then he can't brag that he spent two grand on his PC! :)

    I find it amusing in the first place that you are worried about a hundred dollar overage on a $2126.55 build (i.e. a mere 4.7% of the cost). Just save for a little longer lol.
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    Thanks for the review, about the CPU: I will use it for recording videos as well, and I heard that ryzen is good I would honestly get 1600 but I want the i7 lel.

    GPU: I was told by many people to get a non-founders edition gpu but honestly I love the design and can't stand over it, about the 1070 I was thinking of that but said I would leave it for a 1080 since (probably) I won't upgrade any stuff in one to two years.

    Mouse/Keyboard: I'm not experienced in mouse and stuff but I see all the people get those razers, tbh I don't really like razer much but I heard it's good, got any suggestions for that? and about the keyboard I'm not really experienced with that either so I went that [ I see cooler master advertised in LinusTechTips' videos a lot and it looked pretty good so i went with it again any suggestions for that?

    Storage: Unfortuantly WD doesn't ship to my country via Amazon that's why I went with the seagate and for the price its pretty good imo, about the SSD I was planning to get a 512 GB one but I had to change it so I can cover the budget and tbh I will only use the SSD for softwares and OS, for the games I would use the HDD.
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    Not really, I'm gonna work all summer for it.
  7. All is fairly nice and worth the money, although the 1080 might be overkill. I have an i7 4280k with a 1060 and I run Battiefield 1, ultra @ 1080p with 90-100 FPS. I'd say the 1080 is really overkill. Getting rid of it will save you houndreds.
  8. The performance difference between a 1080, and a 1070, are pretty small. I'd go with a Zotac 1070(as they are ultra cheap right now).

    I'm running a 1070 in my build, and can run any and every game on max settings with around 100fps. It's great!

    Edit: Don't get the standard founders edition when looking at cards. I recommend a 3rd party remake, they are usually cheaper, and run cooler(most of the time).

    Just something to think about.
  9. If you dont plan on upgrading for only a few years, a low/mid-range GPU is fine. Very little will change in game requirements in that time. Getting a 200$ GPU now, and a new 200$ GPU in 4 years, and a new 200$ GPU in 8 years will probably outperform getting a 1080 now and watching it chug and struggle 5 years from now.

    i7 is still just a huge waste of money for this.. But it is your money, i guess. You will probably regret it once you realize you will rarely be able to use more than a small portion of the CPU power.

    Razer is shit. Pure shit. Their stuff is low-quality, buggy, notorious for breaking (they used to be good, a lot of people are either unaware they went potato or are denial over it because they bought a 2000$ salamander 'on sale').

    Unless you know exactly what you need, a 15$ wired logitech kb/mouse is probably perfect. They are indestructible and of good quality. Other less 1337gamer brands make good mice with extra buttons. High DPI mice are a joke, nobody who actually understands what it is uses over 1.5-2k.
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  10. I spent 2.7k on my new MacBook 2016 15'' . Is it worth it?
    To me for sure because this is one of the best computers ever made for coding. It really depends on what you want. Someone only care on pure performance and some other guys need "this led there and this watercooler".
  11. JamesJ


    No need for an i7, waste of money in this case.
    The price per performance on some of the latest series (6000, 7000) has been pretty poor, stick with an i5.

    Although I do love the Samsung 850 EVO's, and I've got two of them, you're probably better getting a cheaper SSD if you're tight on cash. They're a great SSD, however, I don't think they're worth the price they are at atm. I got them for about £56/each, so ~$70.

    Do you really need a GTX 1080? Lmao. Let alone the Founders edition.

    Gaming Keyboard? That isn't mechanical? Uhhh...?
    Mouse. Razer, just no, please.

    Not sure if any of these points have already been covered, but yeah.

    It's a 144Hz monitor, so that price is generally average for a non-top-spec 144Hz monitor.
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    I guess I will get a good GTX 1070, I thought the keyboard was mechanical (lol) and Im changing the mouse but I need suggestions, I also haerd that the i7 is good for recording videos and gaming at same time.
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    The i7 is good for recording, but I know many people who do that with an i5 :p

    For the mouse/keyboard, I'd recommend Corsair. I recently got a Corsair Strafe RGB Silent as an upgrade from an old Razer Blackwidow and it's heaven. Same with the mouse, I got a Corsair Sabre RGB, again, heaven. I cannot recommend Corsair enough.
  14. Ehh.. its great. But i think a 500 ish$ tier pc would do just as well. Maybe just a hunch. Unless you play games overclocked 2/47 on the highest details while running ten other games and photoshop and youtuber encoding software.
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  15. Overkill, for the most part. You didn't state what your most intensive activities are.

    You can get away with a i5-6600k instead of the i7, the founders edition GPU is not worth it (and neither is a 1080 for most use cases). You can shave off a couple hundred dollars just with that.
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  16. And get away with an R5-1600, because it is just better and cheaper than a 6600k.
  17. Just throwing this out there. Wait until early November unless you need it now. Intel generally releases new CPUs around then and you will notice a price dip.
  18. Kaby Lake X is releasing in about two months due to Intel panicking over Ryzen, and they already are cutting prices massively. Pentiums, i3s are down about 40%, i5 and i7 are going on sale 15-20% off.
    Coffee Lake is due later this year, probably before november. Intel has again panicked and is pushing them out as a 14nm rebrand (like kaby lake) instead of the promised 10nm architecture. From the leaks we have seen recently, they wont beat Ryzen 5 anywhere, and wont beat Ryzen 7 anywhere where i7s do not beat them already.

    Cannonlake has been pushed back again, probably because Intel is trying to figure out how to make a 10nm chip actually work any better than a 14nm one.

    TL;DR is right now the only mainstream Intel CPUs worth buying are a Pentium or a 7700K.
  19. It was scheduled before Ryzen was announced
    This is partially true, however sales are a normal part of business
    Not a panic, but with a performance boost, why not?
    no official word has come out. The spokesmen only said it's too early to tell.
  20. Everyone else is recognizing how freaked out intel is, it actually borders on amusing if you compare some of their announcements from a year ago or even six months ago with recent ones. It should get funnier once ryzen prebuilds and APUs hit the market.
    People seem to have forgotten what a glorious failure the kaby lake release was already, coffee lake will just be a repeat if all they can manage is "15% higher clocks" again, instead of the promised new architecture. A few reputable leaks make it look like it is just a rebranded sky/kaby lake, probably meaning it will just be another efficiency increase, stock overclock and lower headroom.
    They may even put some effort into making a new chip instead of a higher base clock, but who knows?