Opinions on beastnode?

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  1. For a small prison server (maybe 10 players at once) what do you guys think about using beastnode premium or budget plans? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. I used BeastNode for well over a year, not a bad host and they are very noob friendly but REALLY over priced. :p
  3. They’re not overpriced. They have very good hardware. Not all hosts can afford to sell at a dollar per gigabyte. They’re not making profit by doing that. You get what you pay for in the Minecraft Hosting world. Another host that people say is overpriced is Bisect, which is a very good hosting provider. Companies servers aren’t free and realistically $1/gb doesn’t pay bills.
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  4. So would you guys recommend the premium or budget plan?
  5. In the premium plans, 1 GB is $10 which is very expensive.
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    Their budget plans have a 5GB disk space limit according to their site, just be aware.
  7. Thanks for the warning but I don’t think I’ll need more than 5gb for the foreseeable future
  8. If its worth for you to pay 3-5x more than average. I don't seem to be able to find out what CPU they use, but from their explanations, it's not really new. On their "monster machine" page they mention they use 6 core Xeon's with 32nm (2018 CPUs usually have 12-14nm).

    Using that information I was able to find two CPU's. The X5680 & X5690.
    Both are 8 years old and discontinued, and max at around 3.6GHz which is considering the CPU was made in 2010 not really good, and a lot worse than many other companies.

    Also, their advertisements are far away from reality, and just pure marketing.
    "we offer the best quality, reliability, performance"

    If you are willing to pay that amount for a medium performing host which is existing for very long and is super unlikely to close down anytime soon, you can use them.
    (I only pointed out the negative points I could find, don't get this wrong)
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  9. Then who would you recommend?
  10. Deluxenode as it's very cheap and has better specs without overselling.
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  11. Definitely overpriced. There are way better companies you could go with:
    Sparked Host, Excalibur Node, Deluxe Node, TigerNode, TitanNodes
  12. i have 2 services in beastnode and It's regular but they work normal, not excellent. the price is very expensive...

    Bisecthosting have a great service.
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  13. They are overpriced.
    I recommend you DeluxeNode, Stipyx Solutions, Sparked Host or Excalibur Node

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