Opinions on my creative server?

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  1. So, my Creative server isn't huge, but it's fairly popular for a Creative server. During peak hours, it has 80+ player on, and probably averages about 40 online. I want to make it better, but I'm forced to look at everything through the eyes of a staff member who has been on the server before. All other staff have been on the server too long to remember what it's like to be a new player, and all new players kiss ass too hard to be honest.

    This is why I'm here. I want your unfiltered opinions on my server since, I assume, none of you have played on it before and care about sucking up to staff.

    Considering that this is a community of server owners, I would say this isn't a very good place to get players. So, I hope people don't think I'm trying to advertise and get more members by posting my IP.
    IP: c.beastsmc.com

  2. jtaylor69

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    Seems like what you'd expect from a creative server.
    It has PlotMe in which I think is good, do you allow safe WorldEditing? (WE within the plots)
    Also players love build events. You could possibly host contests in return for ranks.
  3. jtaylor69

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    Wouldn't it have been more respectful to post in your own thread rather than hijack the thread of someone else?
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  4. jeff142


    Well you ask for a unfiltered opinion. so....

    Creative servers are mostly played by younger kids who get bored of things quickly and tend not to stick around.
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  5. Wazez


    can players worldedit other plots?
    or can plotme control worldedit features as well?
  6. It would help him too, it has a lot of features he would look at

    PlotMe does allow users to worldedit in their OWN plots, though there are a few exploits
    Creative servers are the most complex servers you can make because most of the features it offers and plugin that you can used are not really explored

    Also I want to state that you should enable PlotMe right now I can greif anyone right now...
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  7. jtaylor69

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    It could have been mentioned in your post and therefore wouldn't have been taken in a negative way if had done so.
    From what you had said, it just seemed more of a hijack rather than a contribution, but you now know for future reference!
  8. Mikgreg


    Like all creative servers, I will come on, build something, have nothing to do, leave forever.
    You should add some player keeping features.
  9. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Building events would probably be a good suggestion.
    Identify a particular theme and ask players to build something to that theme along with judges.
    The only problem are the rewards as it will be mostly bragging rights based.

  10. Donation Ranks are a good reward
  11. LiLChris

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    Not entirely true, depends on who joins I guess. I have a nice amount of players on my creative server doing a few different things.
    Either running hotels, schools, bars, as well as building & skin contests and they come on often for weeks.
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  12. If you believe you can grief anybody, you can try ;). We have a lot of custom coded antigrief that can passively and proactively detect and prevent grief.
  13. I would test it but I was already banned for greifing -_-
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  14. What's your username? We don't ban anybody without proof, so either you did and don't recall or your account was compromised. I'll look into it if you post or PM your IGN.
  15. Well I did greif, I joined the server and nothing was protected after about 5 blocks broken I was instantly banned. I don't really care (AkHo1ic)
  16. Well, then I guess you should refine your definition of protected.
  17. I want to clear my numbers further away from deadx / constant and gain more on edawg!

    Still don’t understand what edawg's special ingredients of success are. I may need to advertise more as I only advertise on ONE website.

    BeastsMC, you are hurting right now and I have noticed your numbers down. Sorry to see that.

    I am up to no good though. Been developing like crazy! Biggest move we have done was get off PEX and gone to a in-house sql based permissions system for all servers to use.

    Also, I am wondering about PlotMe Extras Kyle... we have done something similar but not sure what features you got packed in there. =)

    Oh, you can come visit creative.nodex.net / pussycraft.net - I am "OdiumDevonix" if you get online and see me. I will give you some respectable permissions as a nod to my fellow server owners.
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  18. What's so special about EDawg? Well for starters, I develop and optimize all the plugins on my server. Secondly, I spend a lot of time making sure everything is streamlined, notice how my single server can hold 800 players. Conclusion, the time you spend improving and making your server unique (that means coming up with new ideas that no other server has) directly affects your player count. By the way, I don't even advertise my sever so I don't know what you are talking about...
    IMO, you shouldn't worry about how many players my server or any other creative servers have.
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  19. Wow, I was not expecting that...

    For starters I never said anything about your advertising... I mentioned I advertise on one website. I am impressed by your numbers and ability to host; there was no intention of disrespect.

    IMO, I will stfu and let this go... because my sharp tongue won't help.
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  20. I wish how many players my server could hold was an issue, lol. Back when I was on a worst host, I wrote a lot of my plugins and optimized the shit out of them. Then I moved to a better host, and now how many players are on is never an issue. I've actually be de-optimizing a lot of my plugins in favor of adding more features recently.
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