Opinions on this build (~$2400)?

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  1. I'll be buying a new computer soon, and it'd be nice to have some constructive criticism.

    What I'll be using it for:
    • Programming
    • VMs (1-2)
    • Animation
    • Gaming (It just needs to look decent)
    I'm also wanting to future-proof it.

    Here's the build.

    EDIT: Revision #1

    EDIT: Revision #2
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  2. Terribly balanced, waste of money.
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  3. So why don't you give me some ways to improve, hm?
  4. You shouldn't need a Wi-Fi Adapter. Most Motherboards have built inWi-Fi adapters. The only reason you should need the adapter is if your internet is VERY fast and needs something even more stronger.
  5. We have Gigabit internet.
  6. Here you go, lazy bum:

    I've stuffed in a shitty GPU as the R9 300 series is just around the corner. See how the R9 390 stacks up against the GTX 980 and choose the better of the two a few weeks after the 390 has been properly benchmarked.
  8. You put a 970 in your build, this is a joke right?
    The case looks pretty slick when standing.
  9. It is not a joke.
    They're also known to be really quiet (the reason I'm getting it).
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  10. Tux


    Note that I'm more radical with my changes, but here we go.

    Reduced the cost by about half: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3KYBHx

    • You don't need an i7 CPU; an i5 will be sufficient and the CPU is not likely to become a bottleneck for gaming or virtualization.
    • I removed the CPU cooler since you won't be able to overclock. The Intel-provided cooler will be sufficient.
    • I changed the motherboard to accommodate DDR3 RAM and the cheaper CPU.
    • You do not need a 500GB SSD. I've downgraded this to 250GB.
    • Switched video card to R9 280.
    • Cheaper power supply. In the future, this might need to be upgraded, but it shouldn't concern you at present.
    • Do you really need that big of a monitor? I've downgraded to 1920x1080. The R9 280 should run games comfortably at 1080p.
    • I've removed the keyboard and mice; but if you want new peripherals you can add those back.
    End result is a ~$1335 build, and with coupons and rebates, this brings you to a vastly more affordable ~$1290 build.

    Edit: Managed to shave off ~$20 more.
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  11. I'm future-proofing.


    My current ones suck :(
  12. Tux


    That doesn't justify everything in your previous build. You do not need the absolute latest, greatest or "most powerful", and these components will be with you for at least several years. The only thing I could possibly think of being upgraded in the interim is the video card.
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  14. Why on earth do you need a 6-core 2011-3 CPU? And with a 970?! That's like trying to power a ferrari on a single-cell lipo.
  15. Which one's which :p
  16. The 2011-3 i7 would be the ferrari, the 970 would be the single-cell lipo.
    Don't get me wrong, the 970 is a moderately powerful card - the CPU you've chosen is way overkill.
    Again, I would personally wait for the R9 300 series and see how it stacks up against the GTX 900's. Official launch date is June 28.

    The E3 I put in my build has the performance of a high-end 1150 i7 at a lower price.
  17. Underestimate (I currently have a GT 640).
  18. This is the third time I've tried outlining how much you need to nerf your CPU. I'm leaving.
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  20. Wow. Great build. First build I haven't had to tweak in a while. Looks good if you can afford it. If you want to save a little money you can go with an Asrock Z97 and a Zotac 970.