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  1. Hello Spigot, so I just wanted your opinion on this.

    I am a system administrator for Minecraft Servers, I have been for 3 years now, and well.. Its what I love doing haha, but recently I took a break because of what happened in my IRL life (yes ikr i have an actual life :eek:). But I was wondering, should I offer my systems administration to SpigotMC? For a small fee? And I have read over the requirements and I will make sure ill meet them because what's the point in me creating a thread with a lot of wording in to it just for it to be deleted haha. So yea.. Just wondering should I do it, or should I learn more of Java? Thanks for your opinion ! :)
  2. 4chan


    do both
  3. I would. But I would preferably focus on one at a time. That way, I wont get lost, so if I was learning more of Java, and I had lost where i was because I was setting up a clients server, you know what I mean right?