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  1. So OpLink is giving me a deal on one of their dedicated servers but I am not to sure about the CPU. In the past I only have ran one or two large servers that required lots of memory and CPU power with a Xeon 3.1Ghz+.

    Currently I am looking on running multiple smaller servers that only need around 512mb of ram or less with only 8-20 players and arena type maps so having a lower end CPU may not be as bad. Currently they are offering me a Dual xenon L5420 quad core 2.5 GHz setup that seems like it should be fine for many smaller servers but I would like another opinion.
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  2. That processor would be good for like 16 small servers(Though I would recommend 8)
    Out of interest how much would it cost?
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    Not a good or powerful processor at all... a friend tenten (play.tentencraft.net) is on a 2.5Ghz CPU, and while when he caps at 40 players it isnt laggy most of the time, spawn 100 monsters and the server will lag like hell.
    i would recommend it for 70-100 players on a server at max.
  4. That is around what I was thinking. They are letting me pay $60 a month which is $30 off their regular price and compared to other hosts is pretty good. I was only just looking around for a few VPS servers and they gave me $30 off the dedicated so why not lol.

    Well yes. But that is just for one server that really only uses around 2 cores. You can't really compare that to running arena style servers that have a very smaller foot print unlike one large server.
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    Yes, so what i am saying is that depending on your plugins, you may not be able to get over 40 people on each server.