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  1. Hello there, for the time I've been on spigot, I've seen many people say their server is optimised. What do they exactly mean by "optimised". What do you have to do to be able to say your server is optimised. For example do you need to make sure all you plugins are working etc. Advice would be great.
  2. By definition, "optimize" means: make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).
    To make this a very short comment, just make sure you use the LEAST amount of resources (RAM, CPU, etc) and still get what you want.
    For an example, in programming you can do a "linear search" which goes through each element until it finds it. If the element we wanted was the last one, it would be N times before we get there. A more efficient way of searching would be a "binary search" which simply searches in the middle and determines if it wants to go left or right (assuming the elements are in order, of course) then that just cut the search from N to N/2. That search is way more efficient (OPTIMIZED) than a linear search.

    In conclusion, use the least to get what you want. You don't want a LOT of plugins, use the least you can for what you want. Honestly, one plugin can kill your resources, so make sure the programming that made the plugin is efficient while programming it, so the code will be optimized.
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  3. Okay thanks :)