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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Zeokon, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. [Optimization]Server Tips


    If you're using MySQL server to hold your files edit your my.cnf to the simplest form for the best performance.

    Delete everything under mysqld and add

    set-variable = max_connections=500
    wait_timeout = 28800
    max_allowed_packet = 16777216


    TPS and FPS lag is a bugger, changing the view-distance in server.properties to a lower number than 10 solves that.

    Low RAM becoming an issue? download ClearLagg, it removes all your entities after a period of time allowing more ram to free up.

    Click here to download

    [Best Server Location]

    Choosing the best location for your server to decrease lag on all ends is a pain, I'll provide you with information about this.

    West Coast = Asia + Australia and America
    Dallas = All Rounder
    East Coast = Europe and America
    North = America and Canada

    Obviously I would go with Dallas, I would recommend LimestoneNetworks, no I'm not paid to do this but it's a really good company.

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  2. Uh, exactly how much ram do you think entities utilize? ._o
  3. 50mb...I don't know 10mb
  4. Entities don't really cause a lot of 'ram usage' ... for the most part... it cant at a certain extent but for the average server, its really not needed to wipe every X hours.
  5. I strongly recommend removing the Mysql part.

    Deleting everything under mysqld is a bad idea. you should at bare minimum use one of the preset config files distributed with MySQL based on your server size...

    Also removing the core config settings like socket/user/port may even cause it to fail to load... These should remain defined and not deleted.

    Then your also removing all the default performance settings... Your MySQL section is a horrible idea and should be removed.

    Low ram is solved by getting more ram... this is java... your going to need alot of ram.
  6. Yep. It's true - honestly, this post should be "gathering the best optimizations"
  7. PhanaticD


    mysql - get a SSD for good mysql performance, gonna stay away from your unverified tips there

    tps - get spigot :p and lower view distance does help alot, I also do run a clearlagg which does refresh the mobs on server too, though i suspect it affects performance

    ram - get more ram

    ping - mines in germany and im in america and the ping isnt noticeable, also recommended is a gigabit port for larger servers
  8. Regarding MySQL

    I recommend to investigate the size of the database, type of database and how large the indices are. then you can adjust my.cnf to what ever suits you the best.

    Use scripts like MySQL Tuner (http://mysqltuner.com/) and Tuning Primer (https://launchpad.net/mysql-tuning-primer) to find flaws in your MySQL settings.

    The most important setting for mysql is the key_buffer size if you use myisam db's or innodb_buffer_pool_size for innodb which helps alot for plugins like logblock etc. other settings like max Connections, Query_cache_size etc should be tuned with the help of the scripts above.
  9. If your having MySQL issues, check how your indexes are, the size of your tables, if their crashing etc. The config file is NOT the first place to start...
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  10. I recommend using MariaDB instead of MySQL, especially if you use MyISAM tables. We're running it with a great improvement on performance.
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