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  1. Hello. Im owner of sanbox server.
    When i have +100 players online tps become.
    nocheat very load on the system. What functions can I cut down to reduce the load?

    my examine file: http://yadi.sk/d/PKQSa7uJ386Xi
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    The only thing I can really recommend is disabling silly checks.

    Things like NoSwing are what I consider silly checks that can be deactivated without any real issue.
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    without any real issue and also without any real performance gain.
  5. Yah, honestly swing checks arent a big issue .. the big hitters are onMove stuff.
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    NoCheatPlus doesn't use up much CPU usage. I have every check disabled except survivalfly and it works fine. Just make sure to use ClearLagg incase your players use S Nuker :)
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    I usually turn off all the logging settings, I am never going to check all that anyways.
  8. You sure your server is not overloaded somehow? LWC and NoLagg seem to have caused big lag spikes.

    NoCheatPlus is not lightweight for sure (because it needs to keep track of all player movements) but its designed to run smooth on all servers. Most examines and reports we gotten seem to look pretty good and asofold is also thinking of new ways to increase the performance even more.

    However here some optimization tweaks:
    - Disable logging
    - Disable the NoSwing checks if you don't need them
    - Disable all checks you don't need at all (for example fight checks wont be needed if you have a freebuild server without mobs or pvp enabled)
    - Experiment around with the expiration feature: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nocheatplus/pages/documentation/configuration/#w-data-section
    - Don't let your player spam checks with their hack clients and keep NC+ together with CraftBukkit or Spigot always UpToDate

    We will also answer performance related questions on the DevBukkit page of NoCheatPlus :) and who else knows more about NC+ then the developer itself?
    I don't recommend doing that because the SurvivalFly check works better if it at least gets support from the MorePackets check. If you want to prevent your players from faking BedLeave packets to fly around then you need to enable the Combined_BedLeave check also.
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  9. Stuff like fast switching in inventories and chests can be disabled as i find that using inventory tweaks mod can be very helpful plus it stops any issues with shift clicking.
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  10. FastClick was originally designed to prevent players from looting full chests with 1 click, so for SurvivalGames and other server styles it might be very useful. It also prevents other inventory related hacks such as AutoEnchanting or AutoSoup (Moves food automatically to the right slot so the hacker can heal/eat faster then a normal player could).

    Shift clicking doesn't cause any problems for me so I'm not sure what problem you exactly have. Some improvements on this check are also already planned kinda. Maybe we will force the player to open his inventory before he can manage it or maybe we cancel access the the inventory if the player tries to manage it while moving, fighting or doing something else that cant be done with a vanilla MC client.

    InventoryTweaks can be very useful indeed but flying around, killing everyone with 1 hit and taking no fall damage could be also very useful to have.