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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by DoubleGapples, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. I mean PaperSpigot and Waterfall were forked to be faster, so I think you should replace them, but it may cause some plugins to fail.
  2. @isaiah8139
    Even tho you rated my post funny, you know it's true. Supporting 1.7-1.12 is extremely buggy. No big practice server has done it before.
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  3. Thats why you just support 1.12 with 1.7 pvp?
  4. Doesn't work like that. Barely anyone plays on 1.12, besides the developers, and testers. Also with 1.7 pvp? It doesn't feel like 1.7. A plugin can't simply create a version like 1.7 back again.
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  5. They have. Try Hypixel for instance 20k players while supporting 1.8 - 1.12
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  6. Considering "Hypixel" as a practice server? Clearly you have no experience in the PvP community.
    Hypixel could be used for basic pvp such as UHC, etc. But not a practice server in general.

    Knockback is laggy as fuck. The hit detection is not that great. Plus the lag from that server is tremendous (not blaming them, since they have to host a ton of servers). That's why there's separate servers like VeltPvP, Arcane, MinemanClub, and etc.
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  7. Never call Hypixel a Practice PvP server lol
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  8. 1.7 in itself is one of the worst version lag wise. Your better off running 1.8.8 and using protcol support to let 1.7 players join. This will give the 1.7 pvp effect. Also add on discord i optmize servers on mcm. Custom knock back all that. - Carry Lord#8349
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  9. Suggestion : update to 1.12.2
    You will gain more than staying with your version
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  10. Stop suggesting for this guy to update, the pvp on 1.7 is brilliant no plugin is going to bring it back. As Carrylord said, best way to optimize is to use 1.8 with the old protocol support but some have an issue with running that.
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  11. @isaiah8139 rating every post "funny" that has 1.7/1.8 in it. Your so helpful, you know that. *sarcusm*
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  12. He's triggered. Ignore her.
  13. wut?
  14. @isaiah8139 Rule 4. Do not abuse any feature of the forums (such as post ratings which are designed to be used appropriately and in moderation) or else your privileges may be revoked.
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  15. This thread has gone way off-topic, the user requested help with optimizing his server, but then people started saying to update to 1.12.2, update to latest version, etc, etc. While, I do understand why they say all this. But the user stayed on 1.7/1.8 for a reason. Please lock this thread, as it's gone way off-topic.

    The last few posts are talking about versions, and "Hypixel being a practice server"
  16. If this is a practice server, then you might as well disable the anti x-ray feature in spigot.yml. The anti x-ray isn't too expensive, but it can help if you have many chunks getting loaded/unloaded and not enough tick time to spend.
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  17. Aeternum


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  19. Finally someone that's useful, thank you.

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