Optimizing your server.

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by DoubleGapples, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. @DoubleGapples can you take a timing when your server is lagging and post it here.
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  2. Nice necros bois. Thread was off topic anyway Can the OP or Forum Moderator please lock this thread before it becomes a shit fest?
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  3. What?
    This is a 1 month old thread. Yes I am mini modding and no this doesn't need to be locked for necro.
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  4. The link is missing the UID. https://timings.aikar.co/?url=0
    Timings don't work for me either on old versions of Spigot. I think they still work on Paper, idk.
  5. It was on a paperspigot 1.7/1.8. /timings on, waited for 5mins, and then /timings paste. And got the url.
  6. Bump for what? .. read eboys post.
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  7. More optimization tips. I read his post.
  8. Oh sorry, I thought we were still waiting on timing reports
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  9. I assume you must be opening a subserver for your network? And it is a 1.7 pvp server.
    How is it laggy?
  10. Just looking for further optimization
  11. I would update to 1.8.8 performance wise it’s way better and don’t worry about pvp or tnt cannons you can fix all that with paperspigot or tacospigot. And you can add 1.7 support to a 1.8 server very easy for free.
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  12. lmao, how can you fix pvp with a paperspigot/tacospigot .jar?

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  13. Make the server 1.8 but allow 1.7 players to join so your have 1.7 pvp
  14. Nah, they should just update, otherwise no support... 1.13 knocks on the doors.

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